Safe and ergonomical

Safe operation of machines and systems.

CAPTRON jest pionierem of the first capacitive two-hand control with the highest safety category (Cat. 4) and PLe to DIN EN ISO 13849-1. The capacitive “safeCAP” two-hand safety control allows heavy machinery and systems in automated production plants, such as presses and punches, to be controlled safely and without pressure.

To start the machine the user simultaneously presses two capacitive buttons which are connected to a safety relay. Incorrect or inattentive control using just one hand or with another part of the body is detected by the system and the machine is not started.

CAPTRON supplies the safeCAP two-hand control with additional safety elements such as the Protector or the control desk for tabletop installation. These combinations enhance protection and are certified to DIN EN 574. The dynamically switching SENSORswitches detect interference factors such as dirt, dust or foreign bodies. The switches can be actuated using disposable or work gloves, however.

The fully electronic design of the SENSORswitches especially designed full every day fatigue-free continuous use and features extreme durability, reliability and robustness. The user receives optical feedback through 16 bright LEDs per switch.

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