Capacitive SENSORswitches


The CHT series from CAPTRON offers a wide range of easy-to-operate capacitive switches that feature an extremely long service life.

Their robust, 100% water-proof and oil-proof design withstands tough environments, as well as the most adverse weather conditions.

With different models, materials, connection types, fitting types, installation depths and specific standards and requirements, the CHT series is extremely versatile, suited for virtually any use.

Hygienic versions with a housing made of stainless steel and tempered glass are available for applications in the healthcare sector as well as in the food and beverages industry.

CAPTRON offers its customers personal consultation for its wide range of CHT series products to ensure they make just the right selection based on their needs and standards.

CAPTRON, the expert on innovative sensors and sensor systems.


_Touch control
High ease of use, no pressure required.

_Durable service life
Several 100 million switching cycles

_Wide selection
Of touch surfaces, housings and designs

_100% water-proof and oil-proof – IP69K
Sensor completely sealed in cast resin

_Shock-resistant and vandal-proof
The sensor cannot be destroyed by lighter flames or severe blows

_Hygienic design (depends on the model)
Based on DIN EN 1672-1/2

Optical (16 LEDs), acoustic (signal tone) and tactile (vibration)

_Customized design
Wide range of symbols and pictograms, including customized options

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