Electronic CAM-Switch Controller (PAX)

The electronic cam controller PAX offers freely selectable and configurable cam switch outputs, 14 digital, and 6 analog outputs. All outputs can be configured by the customer. The electronic cam controller PAX has multiturn capability, providing cyclical cam position information.

The position data is provided to the PAX cam controller by a position sensor, like the PMI360D-F130-R2-V15. The sensor is interfaced via a RS232.

For easy configuration, the PAX provides an intuitive, graphical interface for Microsoft Windows™ systems. This application runs on the PAX system and needs no installation on your computer. The communication between PC and PAX is via the built-in USB interface. All settings made during the configuration are stored on the micro-SD card in the PAX. This facilitates the exchange or duplication of PAX systems.

After configuration the PAX system may be disconnected from the PC. The electronic CAM-switch controller then operates independently.

Electronic instead of mechanical
Replaces mechanical cam-switches, multiple limit switches and gear limit switches
Floating cam
Up to 16 switch programmable points
Up to 14 switch outputs
Up to 6 analog outputs
Multiturn suitability
Easy handling

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