Palletizing Robots

Up to 700 kg Payload
Designed specifically for palletizing applications, Kawasaki’s palletizing robot line consists of five unique models with payload capacity from 80 kg to 700 kg to suit most needs. With industry leading work range, reliability, and speed, Kawasaki’s palletizing robots help companies improve production line efficiency.
Kawasaki’s newest line of high-speed palletizing robots, the CP series, provides industry leading cycle times and offers a wide range of payload options (from 180 kg to 700 kg) with long reach for increased throughput.

The Kawasaki Palletizing Robots are among the fastest and most reliable machines in the industry. The RD080N robot is capable of 900 cycles per hour with an 80 kg payload and the CP180L robot is capable of 2,050 cycles per hour with a 130 kg payload.

The RD080N robot is designed specifically for applications where a compact, high-speed, palletizing robot is required. Despite its slim space saving design, the RD080N can manipulate loads up to 80 kg and create pallet stacks over seven feet tall. The unique 5-axis design can be floor or ceiling mounted and is ideal for palletizing, depalletizing, material handling, and case packing applications.

The high vertical reach capability of the Kawasaki Palletizing Robots is ideal for tall pallet creation and multi-lane applications where the robot is required to reach over incoming and outgoing production lines. The extra-long horizontal reach allows for one Kawasaki robot to be used in applications where five or more outgoing pallet lanes are required.

The high payload capabilities of the Kawasaki Palletizing Robots allow for multiple product picks and complete pallet layer handling, resulting in fewer cycles per completed pallet.

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