Welding – Spot Robots

B series (Up to 300 kg Payload)
The B series robots were developed for spot welding applications using Kawasaki’s proven advanced technology and extensive automotive experience to take performance to the next level. The robots offer through-arm cable routing, a space saving design with a wide work envelope, as well as heavy-duty motors and advanced motion control technology that make the B robot a champion sprinter. These features reduce manufacturing line build and digital engineering time, support installation in “high-density” applications, and bolster high speed short-pitch movements, making the B series robots ideal for spot welding.

Typical Applications:
• Assembly
• Welding – Friction Spot Joining
• Machine Tending
• Material Handling
• Material Removal
• Sealing / Dispensing
• Welding – Spot

Minimized net weight, heavy-duty motors and advanced motion control technology make the B robot a champion sprinter. It excels at high speed short-pitch movements making it ideal for spot welding. The improved motion sequence by the servo welding guns, as well as the automatic calibration feature to optimize acceleration and deceleration of the gun speed, leads to a significant reduction in cycle time and results in maximum production.

Compared to conventional robots with similar payload capacity, the B robots have a much smaller footprint and narrower body. The small footprint of these slim arm design robots allows for installation in “high-density” applications without impeding performance. In addition, the B Series robot line houses the cable harnesses within the robot arm, further reducing the amount of work space required and minimizing potential interference.

The Kawasaki B robot combines a long reach arm with a minimal amount of dead space for a wide work envelope and greater flexibility. Kawasaki Robotics’ years of automotive experience have culminated into an optimal body shop design for both task effectiveness and multi-purpose usage.

The B Series robot line is manufactured using hollow reduction units for the upper arm. This allows for an internal dressing of the robot from the base to the tool mounting plate. With Kawasaki’s integrated dress package, the manufacturing line build and digital engineering time is greatly reduced and interference with adjacent robots or peripheral devices is minimized.

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