CANbus is used for communication and control between the Motion Coordinator and the CAN I/O modules. CANbus is a tried and tested, well known data link in industry which is reliable, noise immune and flexible. All CAN I/O modules are compatible with any Motion Coordinator that has a CANbus port.

As well as being able to connect to any Motion Coordinator using Trio’s own high speed CANbus protocol, each CAN module can run the DS401 CANopen protocol allowing them to be used with other CANopen masters. Protocol selection is by DIP switches on the front of the module.

When using the TrioCANbus protocol, a Motion Coordinator can handle up to 16 Digital Input modules and 16 Digital Output modules, a total of 32 Digital modules and 4 Analogue modules. The CAN 16 I/O module counts as one Input and one Output module.

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