P2 Series Closed Loop Vector Drive

High performance coordinated drive for:
Process automation, Cranes, Elevators, Printing
Up to 125 HP at 230 VAC
Up to 350HP at 480VAC
Up to 150HP at 600 VAC

IP20 package up to 150 HP – 50°C *
Optional NEMA 4X (IP66) to 10HP – 40°C *
NEMA 12 (IP55) 15 to 250 HP – 40°C *
* Approvals: UL (except size 8), CE, C-Tick

Closed loop speed better than 0.1%
150% overload, 60 secs (200%, 4 secs)
Up to 200% torque at zero speed
AC Induction, PM & Sync Rel motor modes
Built in brake transistor
EMC filter
Quiet – with switching up to 32KHz
DC Bus sharing
Safe Torque Off function
(IEC61508 SIL 2 & IEC62062 SIL 2)
Modbus or CANopen port
Plug-in control terminals

drive.web programmable control
Extended I/O
EIP, ModbusTCP, ProfibusDP, DeviceNet
OLED display
Remote keypad

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