safeCAP3 is a safety system certified by TÜV Süd featuring PhotoMOS NO relays and can be used with as a capacitive two-hand safety control with conventional Siemens safety relays. Two identical compact SC3 buttons with a 50 mm touch area are perfect for the ergonomic, safe control of heavy machinery and systems without pressure. The can also be controlled with disposable or work gloves, however.

Additional safety elements such as the Protector or control desk can be used in modular form depending on the application. These combinations satisfy all the requirements for two-hand safety controls type III C to DIN EN 574 due to the standard-compliant design. The safety functions comply with Category 4 and Pl e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.

The feedback in operating mode is given by one green LED for the switching cycle and one yellow LED. The SC3 is suitable for an installation opening measuring 22.5 mm in diameter and has a reduced external diameter of 54 mm. This compact design means that the buttons can be installed quickly without taking up too much space.

Important properties
• 100% water and oilproof
Protection class IP69K, fully sealed in casting resin
• Extremely long service life
Over 100 million switching cycles
• Impact-resistant – robust
Protection rating IK08, cannot be destroyed by lighter flames and blows to the switch surface
• Certified by
Underwriter Laboratories
• Certified by TÜV Süd
EN 574:1996+A1, IEC 60947-5-1, EN ISO 13849-1, 2006/42/EC
• Compatible with Siemens safety relay
3SK1 Advanced, 3RK3 MSS, Simatic F-CPU 09
• Touch sensor
Maximum ease of use, effortless, no strain on wrists

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