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VIPA GmbH was a start-up before the word was ever invented. Founded in 1985 by Wolfgang Seel, driven by his enthusiasm for automation and the necessary vision for the possibilities of this industry. All this at a time when the Commodore 64 was considered to be the top performer. It’s true that the first company address wasn’t a garage, but nevertheless a three-room apartment. For the business plan however that’s all the room that was needed: Thinking laterally, offering alternatives but remaining compatible.

The first products were supplements and optimizations for existing Siemens systems, then in the 90’s the first PLC-System of their own was added, after that innovation after innovation followed. Today, with its range of products, among others offering one of the fastest Hard-PLCs, VIPA is now completely established as a automation solution provider and not only as a strong contender as alternative for the S7 Family from Siemens. Being open to many fieldbus systems VIPA is flexible worldwide.




VIPA SPEED7 Studio Programming Software - Pro - VIPA ControlsAmericaVIPA SPEED7 Studio Programming Software - Basic - VIPA ControlsAmerica

Powerful and lightweight, SPEED7 Studio from VIPA is the best way to configure and program a VIPA system.



With 25 years experience, ATOP understands the challenges industries face in automating their businesses.

ATOP is the leading industrial network device provider with a broad range of industrial communication products for both wired and wireless networking. ATOP’s networking products have a wide range of configurations to choose from. The customers can select either the entry level or the high-end level products that best suit their needs. ATOP offers reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions for all demanding applications. 

For instance, ATOP’s leading industrial Ethernet switches provide a backbone network that all information can go through with additional advanced features such as security, redundancy (through RSTP, ERPS, or MRP Rings), QoS management, VLAN management, LACP link aggregation/port trunking, and Layer-3 routing. 

ATOP’s added value:

  • Reliability
  • Harsh environments
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMI/EMS
  • Security / Encryption 
  • Performance / Fast Responsiveness  

Industrial Ethernet Switches  

Serial Device Servers


Industrial Wireless

Industrial Computing 

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Gateways

Media Converters 

Precision Timing 


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